From the center of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Marcxell Group UAE has successfully proved itself as successful construction, management, and financing company in numerous sectors: development, investment, engineering, gold and diamond sales, fashion, music production, and real estate.

Our Services

Marcxell Group UAE is a company that serves as a support and business development arm for various Marcxell Group affiliates that have been established and have been operating since 2008 in the United States. Today, Marcxell Group UAE has successfully established itself as a development, investment, and management leader. Our portfolio includes several hundred million dollars owned and operated in multiple business areas worldwide.

Marcxell Group UAE is a global construction and finance company with a long-term commitment to the countries where our projects are located. We have longstanding and well-established relationships with our subsidiaries, including many prestigious government agencies, due to our commitment to providing exceptional and superior service with a specific and often unique organization.

Our companies have successfully proven their ability to implement complex development projects involving “building from scratch” and major renovation programs. Marcxell Group UAE is dedicated to the communities in which we invest.

Marcxell Group UAE is actively studying the impacts of its development worldwide. We are a member of many communities, local governments, and charitable organizations.

Marcxell Group UAE is proud to support and participate in the numerous diverse initiatives that arise in the different regions of the Gulf. We intend to build on our global roots. Our partnerships illustrate the promotion of cultural diversity, one of the challenges of corporate social responsibility.

We support our interests for the benefit of all.