Marcxell Production is a full production company with an ultramodern studio, a comfortable atmosphere, and highly qualified personnel. We offer complete music production services: recording, mixing, production, engineering, and mastering. Our company produces bands in our beautiful facilities in Florida and California.

Our Services

Marcxell Production is located in the media capitals of the world. Our studios in Florida and California are the most technologically advanced 4K versions of television. We offer everything a production needs internally and externally to record music of the highest quality and make recordings of all types.

Technical engineers of Marcxell Production will assist you in the creation of elite-quality sound and video presentations of all kinds, including concerts, studio recordings, tours, television commercials, news spots, talk shows, narrative programs and movies, game shows, television series, television pilots, and much more. Installation of multitrack, digital and analog consoles, microphones, and state-of-the-art equipment are here for the most efficient studio recording of the 21st century.

Marcxell Production supports you with our teams of the most professional specialists and experts in the field. We have 50 cameras, elite lighting, experienced staff, live streaming capability, and an incredible selection of large-scale sets – that’s what your television production deserves.

Although the management of recording studios is the core business of Marcxell Production, we have become a 360-degree company offering many other services, all aligned with our focus studio business. Marcxell Production includes recording studios, mastering studios, long-term rentals, studio design, and installation.

Everything we do makes booking recording studios simple – from our dedication to the highest quality recording studios to the way we build meaningful relationships with our clients and partners.