Marcxell Investment is a general investment company. We are an independent investment company, head structure of a group of companies specialized in real estate, investment, creation, and development of companies in sectors where real estate is a strategic sector. In addition to our know-how in real estate, our company develops in partnership with several governments worldwide as part of its investment and management activities for its account and third parties in our investments.

Our Services

Marcxell Investment invests in real estate, develops urban projects, and accompanies corporate projects in real estate, infrastructure, research, or sectors where real estate is a crucial factor of success. Concerned about the economic development of the territory and aware of the aging population’s issues, mobility, and macro-economic context, we are particularly interested in investing in innovative projects that seek to provide an adequate response to these societal challenges.

Marcxell Investment has initiated with its partners the foundations of a pole specialized in developing, constructing, and managing medicalized and non-medicalized residences for older adults everywhere in the world. We react as one of the leaders in the management and development of assisted living facilities worldwide.

Based on its experience, Marcxell Investment has developed a new generation of serviced residences for students and young workers to meet new market demand and related social issues. The objective is to become one of the leading players in this global market, following its position in Germany and Serbia.

Marcxell Investment is happy to bring our network and experience to participate in medium-sized companies actively. We don’t mind turnaround situations, especially when existing ownership and management structures are open to change and willing to roll up their sleeves.

We responsibly conduct our business. Fairness towards our business partners and trusting cooperation is the basis of our actions. In our investments, we always value sustainability and resource conservation.

Marcxell Investment combines the structures of a young company, newly created in Serbia, with the consolidated forms of a quality experience: our hierarchies are flat, the communication channels are short. We have established processes at all levels, which do not hinder the independence of our team members. The dialogue at eye level does not stop at the general manager.

As a private asset manager, Marcxell Investment has an obligation towards the investors. It ensures that all services related to the funds and the real estate are executed in the best possible way in the interest of the investors. The objective is the sustainable development of the value of the real estate portfolio and the achievement of the specified key performance indicators.

The fund management company draws up long-term planning models and permanent fund forecasts based on the relevant real estate figures. These are intended for the target/actual comparison of the fund’s performance and control and monitor the risk structure.

Marcxell Investment invests intending to promote the sustainable and economic development of the portfolio of assets, investments, and real estate to ensure the sustainability of the funds invested in each project. In addition, the fund management team develops long-term planning models and permanent fund forecasts based on the relevant real estate data.