THI.Group is a better asset in investments, financing, and development of luxury real estate projects globally. We are one of the leading real estate and management companies on the market, offering a full range of turnkey services related to the ownership of luxury villas and other types of commercial and residential properties. THI.Group aims to give owners a stress-free property experience. Our management solution covers all aspects of ownership in the European Union and the United States of America.

Our Services

THI.Group (The Home Investment Group) was founded in Hamburg (Germany) by cooperation between two skilled professionals linked by a friendship Mr. Olaf Schmid and Mr. John Kamin Marcxell. The main goal is to introduce a partnership model by real-estate promotion and investment company based in Germany and a development and financial group from the United States of America. THI.Group has mainly responded to the development management investments of luxury housing estates in several countries. Since then, the company has grown and is currently helping foreigners to buy luxury residential properties.

THI.Group operates in the European Union and North America. We speak English, German, French, Spanish, Russian, and soon Chinese.

THI.Group provides structural engineering services for residential single-family and townhouse projects of all sizes. We provide reasonably priced service to help smaller “blue-collar” residential additions on a tight budget. However, we have enough knowledge and experience in our field to provide quality service to our custom home division within our office. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and THI.Group is committed to working with our clients to provide cost-effective engineering services with exceptional results.

For our clients, regardless of the size of the residential project, we have the expertise to provide the best and most efficient solutions for new homes, home additions, renovation, and remodeling projects. We can offer a complete solution from design and computer drafting to entire agency approvals, working with architects, builders, and homeowners as needed to make your dreams a reality!

THI.Group has extensive experience with home improvement projects involving older residential structures – some over 70 years old – and develops practical and sustainable structural design and drafting for your construction or renovation project. We provide structural engineering design, drafting, and analysis services.

THI.Group is an equity investment company for real estate projects. We support territorial and international players in the development and deployment of their future projects. In the exercise of our know-how, our mission of general interest, and as a private actor, THI.Group contributes to creating a sustainable living environment and benefit of all, promoting economic development and social and ecological cohesion of territories in the long term. Our financing depends on the responsiveness of each operation and project.

Luxury residential properties in the United States as well as high-end luxury apartments in Germany. THI.Group will help you buy, sell and rent your commercial and residential properties anywhere in the world. Villas, townhouses, apartments, vacation homes, commercial offices, retail spaces, and plots.

THI.Group serves all European Union and North American areas with offices located in Miami (United States) and Hamburg (Germany).