Marcxell Minerals is the African leader in refractories. We have the highest number of sites in Africa and the most innovative and reliable products and services. We also offer the most solid security of supply and quality, thanks to our exceptional vertical integration – from mining to the production of complete service solutions.

Our Services

For Marcxell Minerals, it’s about using our advantages to accelerate innovation in our sector and offer the best to our customers. So we don’t take our market leadership for granted. We want to remain number one in Zambia and drive positive change in our industry and the sectors that depend on us. As a mining company, we use our resources, our presence in Africa, and our expertise to produce high-quality gold and diamonds.

Marcxell Minerals constantly applies the latest technology and environmentally friendly equipment in our production to ensure the highest level of safety for our staff and the environment.

Refractory products are used in all high-temperature industrial processes worldwide. Without them, the steel, cement, lime, non-ferrous metal, glass, energy, environmental and chemical industries could not exist.

Refractories defy the harshest conditions to remain solid and stable at temperatures of 1200°C and above. To safely contain materials when burned, sandblasted, fired, melted, and shaped. And to protect equipment such as furnaces and ovens from thermal, mechanical, and chemical stress.

Our work consists of extracting minerals: GOLD – DIAMONDS – COPPER – MALACHITES and others. Marcxell Minerals performs geological expertise of more than 700 products to extreme challenges to adapt the best solutions to our clients.

The basic materials we use for export are:
The andradite: Demantoid, Topazolite, Allochroite, Melanite187 • Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla quartz • Silicified chrysocolla 145 • Demantoid: (Andradite variety) 32 • Treated diamond: (HPHT, annealed / heating, irradiation) 418 • Diamond • Dioptase • Indigolite • Indicolite (blue tourmaline) 38 • Leucite • Magnesia 310 • Malachite 92 • Samarskite-(Y) 354 • Wulfenite1 – remarkable materials which themselves require skillful handling: the melting point of fused magnesia is above 2800°C.

Marcxell Minerals establishes a lasting relationship with our customers. We accept payment after testing or refining within 24 hours by bank transfer.