Based in downtown Lusaka, Zambia, Marcxell Group Zambia has successfully established itself as development, management, and investment company in several areas: development, finance, investment, construction, mining, energy, pharmaceuticals, ecology, powerplant, and waste management

Our Services

Marcxell Group Zambia is an African development and investment company. We serve as the support and business development arm of various subsidiaries in Africa. Marcxell Group Zambia has successfully established itself as a leading construction, finance, and management company.

Our portfolio includes several hundred million dollars owned and managed by our holding company Marcxell Group in the United States. Marcxell Group has a history of long-term and well-established relationships with its subsidiaries, including many prestigious government agencies, because of its commitment to providing exceptional and superior service with a specific and often unique organization.

After project completion, Marcxell Group prefers to maintain its projects over the long term and be an active and productive member of the communities we have invested in. Marcxell Group is part of many communities, government, and charitable organizations.

Marcxell Group Zambia is dedicated to the communities in which we invest. We have successfully proven our ability to implement complex published “from scratch” development projects, construction programs, and major renovation programs.

We are an African development and trading company with a long-term commitment to the countries in which our projects take place. Marcxell Group believes that its impact on development is felt worldwide, which is why we created the Marcxell Group Zambia.