“The construction work of the majestic JNJ Cabaret has been delayed due to the pandemic restriction caused by the coronavirus. Please be patient next year for the opening of our cabaret in Florida.” – John Kamin Marcxell, President and CEO of Marcxell Group.

Our Services

JNJ Cabaret is looking forward to a very soon opening. Our team thanks you for your patience, and we wish you a better end of the year 2021.

Shortly we will offer you an opera and dance comedy with talented musicians and dancers from all over the world. For the first time in the world, you will have a very high-quality service, with menus matching the day’s themes. You won’t be a spectator anymore. Just be ready to live an imaginary dream in the beautiful world of music and dance. Our opera cabaret will offer you a moment of unforgettable happiness and fun.

The original production of “Extravaganza” show will succeed, inspiring many choreography and music styles. The insolence of the modern tango to the waltz, salsa to hip-hop, the blues to rock, classical dance to reggae, the Irish dance to Kizomba. Everything goes at JNJ Cabaret.

On stage, in the kitchen, in restaurants. Everywhere! JNJ Cabaret will go all out to prepare your perfect evening! The Chef will imagine culinary creations that respect the codes and values of the House: quality and French art of living. Immerse yourself in the stunning décor of the venue and its festive, almost exhilarating atmosphere.

At the lunch or dinner show, discover the sumptuous menus prepared by our Chef. During this meal, you will enjoy our first friendly entertainment show with the now-famous “Extravaganza”, the authentic French-American party.

“Extravaganza” is followed by the new splendid “Revue” show, a subtle blend of grace and modernity, interpreted by myriad internationally renowned artists. Get ready for an unexpected journey and let yourself be surprised by the sumptuous costumes and sets of this new “Revue de Music-Hall” at JNJ Cabaret.

The Grand Prizes are established in Standard Dance, Latin Dance, Argentine Tango, Salsa, Swing, and in the various disciplines of dance in couples and the various categories of show dance. All professional teams can also participate in the international competitions organized by JNJ Cabaret.

Welcome soon to an ode to Miami of sparkling lights and shimmering feathers. Welcome to JNJ Cabaret, the new opera of dance and music. Sensual, intimate, elegant, and spectacular, this waking dream will leave you breathless and starry-eyed. Welcome to a fantastic whirlwind of technological prowess led by the world’s most outstanding musicians, dancers, and beautiful performers.